Kurtis Gefrom

I am still learning.

I am still learning,

About this life.

Blessed for each breath,

Blessed for each strife.

I am still learning,

What it means to be resilient.

When you’re facing the wind,

When you’re wrong this time.

I am still learning.


Step Toward Your Dreams

Don’t settle,

‘Til your dreams come true. 

Check them off,

Once you see them through.

Stay focused.

Dream more and more.

There’s only one

Life worth living for.

Go forth now,

Step toward your dreams.

Off the Ground

Buckle up.

Launched ahead,

Pierced to the seat,

Inertia is met.

Feel the force.

Hold on tight.

Full speed ahead,

Until we take flight.

Wings bend air

And defer resistance.

The nose tilts up,

Gravity is the difference.

The back now lifts,

Into air around.

Keep ascending,

We’re off the ground.


I’m lucky to be breathing.

On this day, I’m not the only one.

These week has shown me…

That in this life, there is no guarantee.

I was caught up in some traffic

From a car flipped over on the side of the road.

On the shoulder a body surrounded 

By Samaritans, medics at work and fireman all on a knee.

Then driving up to a lookout,

A couple seconds difference, I would have been T-boned.

Is it coincidence or a lesson? 

I am reminded to be thankful in full clarity.

Under the Bridge 

It feels like hell under here.

The echoing concrete overpowers every word. 

You wonder how the herds become fiery when they can’t even be heard. 

It doesn’t feel like home,

It rattles the soul. 

Addiction is hard on the streets especially when the impoverished can turn into trolls.

What is done to the unlucky ones?

How were they given this hand?

That may be one thing the grateful and needy may never understand. 

I never want to be there.

I never want to feel hopeless. 

I never want to protect my street corner, fending off crazies with clenched fists

Not all are bad,

The focused ones stay clean.

Yet, most folks choose to see them as unseen.

If they only had monumental help,

and they became one of us,

You better believe they’d help others in need with no fuss. 

I can’t relate to the cold nights.

I can’t be truthful in being “hungry” or “thirsty,” not even a smidge. 

I can only pray for those who live under the bridge.

Push Until the End!

There’s many marathons in life.

Some of them you didn’t sign up for

and some of them you want to quit.

It’s the decision to fight that reaches your inner core.

Push Until the End!

Being tired slows you down,

But you know it can’t stop you.

You have worked so hard to get this far,

Turning around is something you won’t do.

Push Until the End!

Can you hear the roar from the crowd that awaits?

You can hold your head up, seek your forward steps.

Can you push harder? Can you give it your all?

All finishers aren’t afraid of what they’ll face next.

Push Until the End!


Unstoppable, the inertia of life

Everything moving to the rhythm of time.

When least expected, you’ll stumble chaotically,

and fall from one rugged ride.

Motionless, you are waiting again,

in hopes of the day you will endlessly spin.



Reach for Air

Life is unpredictable, just like the tides.

Will you know what to do this time?

You will be pummeled into exhaustion.

Waves of life will make you feel like you’ve lost it .

You will have a fight to reach for air.

The truth of success is hidden in there.

Beneath the surface, you are defined.

You can’t reach for the stars is what I’m implying.

You say you want it? Reach for it like it’s air!

Success is for those who do and those who care.

Keep your cool, you’re almost there!

Keep fighting, I know it’s not fair!

Reach for your passions! Reach for air!

Sail Here and Sail There

Sail here and sail there,

The wind takes you many places.

Never forget the port you came from,

Your mind shall set on the sea of races.

See the world and seize the day!

Don’t be afraid to explore but avoid the storms.

Set yourself free because you love it.

Be ready to face waves of many forms.

Enjoy every moment of sea breeze;

Enjoy your adventurous life on the seas.

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