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Find Me

Find me, my satisfaction

When all is said and done.

Find me, my adventure 

When I head out for what’s next.

Find me, out there, somewhere

Where I keep chasing the sun.

Find me.



When you have all the weight on your shoulders

And nothing to grab as you collapse.

Remember the leaning on something greater than you,

Will be the best path.

Lean on the Lord and he will provide you with all you need:

Strength, needs, peace and spiritual agility.


Held together by the past

Endeavors and memories,

You know that no one can replace

 the newest revelries.

Sweat and tears can only 

Bring about new years .

Once this reunion is complete,

“See you later, my dears.”

Friends & Adventure

Recently I have stepped back and watched

When the people form to my life.

Those I call friends want to go with

Me to jump off the next cool cliff.

I am a blessed man to turn around 

To find a friendly hand wanting to be pulled

Wherever I choose. For what I do,

They will follow. What I lose they will too.

I used to think life was defined by adventure,

But once again I am proven wrong.

It seems to be defined by how many bodies

Pack my backseat as we all sing along.

Roads were meant to be driven on,

Cars weren’t meant to be empty. 

See roads. Fill your car. Live a life of plenty.

How the music CD died…

     Today, I walked into Target and found the Enertainment section. There were so many TVs, many movies, books, computers, phones and… wait where is the music. Took me 5 minutes to find the aisle and a half of CDs. Half of their CDs were new realses. The other half were best hits or classics. What happened to CDs?!?!?

     I realize that time has changed. I remember buying Green Day’s American Idiot as my first CD purchase ever. Time had changed, we live in a digital age. I prefer to have a physical aesthetic to touch and feel and listen to, but I have no choice now. I still have many CDs. I have even started collecting vinyl the last few years. I realize why all my relatives love their CDs, 8 tracks and vinyl. There’s something about feeling and holding an album in your hand… Probably by the time I have kids there will be a new form or way of media to listen to music. Time is changing. We have gone from vinyl to mp3 files. The beauty of a song is thankfully constant.

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