Tow’rs is a fun, energetic and thought-provoking band originating from the beautiful town of Flagstaff, AZ. Their folk roots filled with passionate and soulful lyrics bring peaceful music to your ears. Not only are they all wonderful people, but they are an extremely talented band. They released their first self-titled album, Tow’rs, last summer, which is an amazing album. Now they have followed their first album up with The Great Minimum; This is an album filled with beautiful lyrics, cool riffs and fun songs, that have a hint of rock elements to them. Some of their solos are quite fun, the drums are heavier this time and yet they still keep their lovely sound. This is an amazing album that any music enthusiast will love! Please check out this band and their two splendid albums. You can click on the album above and it will take you to an iTunes preview where you can preview this album. Check it out and make a purchase you will not be disappointed with! Plus, buying this album will truly help out the extremely talented artists of this band and help them share their lovely tunes with more people!

Here is the song list of the album and my favorite part about each song:

  1. The Kitchen – A simply beautiful song lyrically and it sounds so beautifully sung by the married duo.
  2. The Swan & The East – Smooth lyrics accompanied by fun rhythm and a chorus that is quite fun and catchy.
  3. Helm – I simply love the clean guitar in this song and find myself rocking out to this track.
  4. Mindful – A song with a simply beautiful melody and also very deep & thought-provoking lyrics.
  5. Circles – Raw emotion that is tied into passionate lyrics, that results in a glorious song.
  6. Solace – A peaceful instrumental song, that brings immediate peace and reminds me of the sun rising in the morning.
  7. The Boy & His Shadow – I love singing along to the cool and catchy lyrics and love the way this duo sings along to all the instruments in the background.
  8. Two Sparrows – This song has a charming melody, with graceful lyrics that creates such a peaceful sound from the singing duo.
  9. Porcelain – A great song to wrap up this album. A beautiful array of textures that mold a beautiful tone. I envision a stunning landscape when I listen to it. This song is a vision, an image or an idea that is simply pleasant.

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