Kurtis Gefrom


August 2015


At every turn, I seek

DIrection to discover the hidden places.

Veering off the trail

Enters a chance to walk at new paces.

Never getting lost

Truly means that your doing it all wrong.

Under every destination’s tree

Rests a time for the peaceful breezy song.

Everyday can be one, adventure is life-long. 



Roads will be long.

Times will be tough.

You’ll be lost,

When you’ve had enough.

You’ll think of regrets.

You’ll recycle your mistakes.

You will sigh,

From this pit of fate.

You will try to climb out.

The climb will get harder .

Just find peace,

And fate will barter.

Time will turn.

Things will become clear,

As long as you keep focused…

On how to persevere.


I reach for the bar…

The bar isn’t there.

The only thing catching me,

Is the net of despair.

Why must it be me?

Why that way?

Why must it happen,

On this very day?

I feel unbalanced.

I don’t feel the same.

Since life dealt me this round

Of this stressful Poker game.

I keep the count hand by hand,

Patience will keep my head held high.

I am not bluffing by any means,

I am waiting for my turn to strike.

Until then, I’m unbalanced…

And all I can do is try.

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