Today, I walked into Target and found the Enertainment section. There were so many TVs, many movies, books, computers, phones and… wait where is the music. Took me 5 minutes to find the aisle and a half of CDs. Half of their CDs were new realses. The other half were best hits or classics. What happened to CDs?!?!?

     I realize that time has changed. I remember buying Green Day’s American Idiot as my first CD purchase ever. Time had changed, we live in a digital age. I prefer to have a physical aesthetic to touch and feel and listen to, but I have no choice now. I still have many CDs. I have even started collecting vinyl the last few years. I realize why all my relatives love their CDs, 8 tracks and vinyl. There’s something about feeling and holding an album in your hand… Probably by the time I have kids there will be a new form or way of media to listen to music. Time is changing. We have gone from vinyl to mp3 files. The beauty of a song is thankfully constant.