Love wins and Love does.

Jesus paid the price for all of us.

He died for you and for me,

He bled it all on the broken tree.

No matter what you were taught,

Know God’s love for you was first sought.

He saw the World fall apart and sent his son.

God knew that only Love could win a ton.

Jesus helped the needy because it was right.

He performed miracles like restoring sight.

The same folk who watched him do only good,

Said he was fake and agreed to crucify him.

He went through with it all as his Father commanded.

I’m sure it wasn’t fair based on the cards he was handed.

He knew it was coming, the price that he would pay,

In hopes that maybe we would honor the love shed on that day.

He didn’t do it for fame,

He did it because we as humans mess up.

He loved us so deeply,

He wanted to show what real love was made of.

He would take the burden,

For the sins we had committed.

Forever through His sacrifice,

We would always be forgiven.

Anytime you feel broken,

Or feel exhausted of the World’s entirety,

Recall the love God has for you,

He gave up His son, so you could be free.

Life will be hard.

Pray. Someone who Loves you is listening.

You are not alone,

Grab others to support the struggles and pain.

So go on adventures and love each day!

Jesus gave us life so we would be saved!

Love the grace that God gave us!