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July 2015


The two types of flames,

To fuel the fire. 

One of anger and rage, 

The other of love and desire.

What I have learned through

The leaps of my days

Is that one will burn out

The other will be ablaze.

Being mad is a quick burst,

Love is one thing that keeps burning.

Maturity yields turning the deepest fury

Into positive kindling for greater earning.

Immediate forgiveness brings instant peace.

To hold a fiery grudge Is to hold burning coals.

Maybe passionate and confident forgiveness,

Is the kind of burning love you should hold.


WARNING: Fracking is a harmful thing… and destroying our water, produce and jeopardizing our health


What is fracking???… Well, says that fracking is a process by which “hundreds of thousands to millions of gallons of water are mixed with toxic chemicals and injected down wells at high pressure, fracturing the underground rock formation to force oil and gas to the surface.”

How does it affect me?? Currently in California and many other states, it is legal for the fracking process to proceed. There is no regulation on fracking. Not only can it be harmful to the air, but it can be mixed in our well water that we drink and use daily; here is a great visual. It doesn’t stop there either, because no one is talking about it and now there has been a movement created to put a stop to fracking. Here is an example of a man who shows how the chemicals from fracking have entered the water wells and moved up to the water that comes out of the faucet!!! Scary!

Photo source:
Photo source:
What can we do? We can stand up for what is right and put a stop to fracking! We can take steps to do this by:

  1. Share this post with others! Inform others!! Your friend’s and family’s health is being put at risk, and they don’t even know it, unless you tell them.
  2. Write to elected officials to stop fracking. Especially, if you are located in a possible affected area, there’s no reason not to write to your elected officials.
  3. Watch more and learn more. There is a groundbreaking documentary, called GASLAND, that really pointed out the fracking process and how it is going unnoticed. I definitely recommend watching that documentary and searching more on the net about “fracking” and how harmful it is.

Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this, because I really do care. I care about my health, your health, my family’s health, my friend’s health and the future generations’ health. There is already a movement of many other people that care too. We can put a stop to this if we SHARE, WRITE ELECTED OFFICIALS and LEARN! Our future and our health is in our hands, all we have to do is ACT NOW and do the three things listed above!


Feeling the sweat in the cold,

Every move will take a toll.

At one moment you may meet,

Roaring, the great beast at your feet.

Fear is the name of this thing.

Every doubt will feed it’s need.

Accepting to know each battle scar,

Resistance to budge will get you far.

Today, at the table

Today, at the table

We feasted like family.

Each person sitting 

Could represent a memory.

Where I had been 

And what I had done,

Was all reflected

By these friends that I won. 

Some I had sweat with

Through hard work and tears.

Some I had plainly met

Or lived with over the years.

Today, at the table

I was thankful for friends.

The unity they bring now 

And to the very end.


The shadows awaken.

The silhouettes begin.

For the light was taken,

To only shine brighter again.

The birds are chirping.

The bustle sound

Roars through the lands.

As on the horizon is found…

Now, a shimmer of day 

Perks around the bend of the Earth.

How the music CD died…

     Today, I walked into Target and found the Enertainment section. There were so many TVs, many movies, books, computers, phones and… wait where is the music. Took me 5 minutes to find the aisle and a half of CDs. Half of their CDs were new realses. The other half were best hits or classics. What happened to CDs?!?!?

     I realize that time has changed. I remember buying Green Day’s American Idiot as my first CD purchase ever. Time had changed, we live in a digital age. I prefer to have a physical aesthetic to touch and feel and listen to, but I have no choice now. I still have many CDs. I have even started collecting vinyl the last few years. I realize why all my relatives love their CDs, 8 tracks and vinyl. There’s something about feeling and holding an album in your hand… Probably by the time I have kids there will be a new form or way of media to listen to music. Time is changing. We have gone from vinyl to mp3 files. The beauty of a song is thankfully constant.

Album Review: The Great Minimum by Tow’rs


Tow’rs is a fun, energetic and thought-provoking band originating from the beautiful town of Flagstaff, AZ. Their folk roots filled with passionate and soulful lyrics bring peaceful music to your ears. Not only are they all wonderful people, but they are an extremely talented band. They released their first self-titled album, Tow’rs, last summer, which is an amazing album. Now they have followed their first album up with The Great Minimum; This is an album filled with beautiful lyrics, cool riffs and fun songs, that have a hint of rock elements to them. Some of their solos are quite fun, the drums are heavier this time and yet they still keep their lovely sound. This is an amazing album that any music enthusiast will love! Please check out this band and their two splendid albums. You can click on the album above and it will take you to an iTunes preview where you can preview this album. Check it out and make a purchase you will not be disappointed with! Plus, buying this album will truly help out the extremely talented artists of this band and help them share their lovely tunes with more people!

Here is the song list of the album and my favorite part about each song:

  1. The Kitchen – A simply beautiful song lyrically and it sounds so beautifully sung by the married duo.
  2. The Swan & The East – Smooth lyrics accompanied by fun rhythm and a chorus that is quite fun and catchy.
  3. Helm – I simply love the clean guitar in this song and find myself rocking out to this track.
  4. Mindful – A song with a simply beautiful melody and also very deep & thought-provoking lyrics.
  5. Circles – Raw emotion that is tied into passionate lyrics, that results in a glorious song.
  6. Solace – A peaceful instrumental song, that brings immediate peace and reminds me of the sun rising in the morning.
  7. The Boy & His Shadow – I love singing along to the cool and catchy lyrics and love the way this duo sings along to all the instruments in the background.
  8. Two Sparrows – This song has a charming melody, with graceful lyrics that creates such a peaceful sound from the singing duo.
  9. Porcelain – A great song to wrap up this album. A beautiful array of textures that mold a beautiful tone. I envision a stunning landscape when I listen to it. This song is a vision, an image or an idea that is simply pleasant.

The website of Tow’rs

Follow Tow’rs on Instagram

“Belly of the Deepest Love” [LIVE]

Intro to SURGED

Hey folks, I am starting a series of short stories called Surged. It will deal with a super hero type of series. I was inspired by the passion of fans that were present at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego. I decided that it may be the right time to release this series that I have brainstormed for awhile. Keep your eye out for Part 1. Would love feedback! If you’re a fan of any super hero, you will love this series!

Love Wins, Love Does

Love wins and Love does.

Jesus paid the price for all of us.

He died for you and for me,

He bled it all on the broken tree.

No matter what you were taught,

Know God’s love for you was first sought.

He saw the World fall apart and sent his son.

God knew that only Love could win a ton.

Jesus helped the needy because it was right.

He performed miracles like restoring sight.

The same folk who watched him do only good,

Said he was fake and agreed to crucify him.

He went through with it all as his Father commanded.

I’m sure it wasn’t fair based on the cards he was handed.

He knew it was coming, the price that he would pay,

In hopes that maybe we would honor the love shed on that day.

He didn’t do it for fame,

He did it because we as humans mess up.

He loved us so deeply,

He wanted to show what real love was made of.

He would take the burden,

For the sins we had committed.

Forever through His sacrifice,

We would always be forgiven.

Anytime you feel broken,

Or feel exhausted of the World’s entirety,

Recall the love God has for you,

He gave up His son, so you could be free.

Life will be hard.

Pray. Someone who Loves you is listening.

You are not alone,

Grab others to support the struggles and pain.

So go on adventures and love each day!

Jesus gave us life so we would be saved!

Love the grace that God gave us!


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