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June 2015

Jurassic World Review

I was born in 1993. I grew up watching the films of Speilberg’s prime years. Jurassic Park (1993) was one of Speilberg’s greatest films that was adapted from the original novel. The fascination of dinosaurs and realistic look of the animatronics brought much interest to this film through the years. I loved watching a film with great acting, cinematography, effects, musical score and storyline.

I was also a fan of The Lost World (1997) being that part of it took place in San Diego, my hometown. Jurassic Park III (2001) I enjoyed, but it was more of a guilty pleasure for me. I also began to see the transition from mostly animatronics to mostly CGI dinos through the second and third film. I believe this movement  took a lot of intimidating factors away from the dinos.

Going into this new film, I had high expectations. I wanted to see something new and that payed respect to the first film. I felt that I got exactly what I asked for. A film that was strong in acting, storyline, cinematography, musical score and effects.

ACTING: 8/10. I thought that Chris Pratt did great job as the lead role in this film. Followed by great acting from them main role that Bryce Dallas Howard played. The two youngsters who were played Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson, did a decent job. Vincent D’Onofrio was great at playing the very hated, Hoskins. Jake Johnson played a great funny character at the control center, that kept us all laughing.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: 7/10. There were many cool shots and framing in this film. I feel that lags in quality to the original. There is so much CGI stuff going on, it’s hard to produce excellent cinematography.

SCORE: 9/10. I thought the score was great is this film, just like the films before it. They even used tracks from the original score in this film which I liked a lot. Michael Giacchino has done scores for some of my favorite film and television shows and he nailed this score!

EFFECTS: 10/10. The CGI in the film were so realistic it was amazing! They are the best they have ever been in any of these films. They are out of this world! With the tech advances and quality in CGI they can have a huge water dinosaur jump out of the water and grab a meal during a show, and it works for us viewers!

STORYLINE: 9.5/10. I was really worried for the storyline of this film. It had a lot of hype and it truly made me concerned. However, the writers of this film did a phenomenal job. They made nods to the original Jurassic Park. They storyline was very deep and intriguing. Most importantly, it took us down twists and turns, that altered the trajectory of the film. One second I felt that the main characters of our film might actually be able to stop the loose dino, then new information would be learned and change the game for stopping the dinosaur. Loved the story between the characters as well.

Definitely a film I recommend to go see. You will not be disappointed! Also, hold onto your butts, this film is a bumpy walk in the park.


MOMENT (Poem #2 – written 6/17/15)

May your time here and there be rich,

Of tears, cries, memories and goodbyes.

Make each adventure feel like your last.

Every second is a birth of time.

Never blow off a great opportunity to live.

Train yourself to savor each moment.

Poem #1 – written 4/24/15


However we became, created or accidental

We were doomed to change

For better and worse

Life comes with wisps of breath

Ingenuity comes with thinking harder.

Fueled by wit and understanding

Knowledge must be discovered

It must be utilized to improve

Our own lives and used daily.

If we do nothing with knowledge

We are refusing to water the seed.

Without patience and adjustment

There will be no fruit or growth.

Adaptation takes time and determination.

As we rot, we strive on adaptation.

For the end of us will come;

For now all we can do is try.

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