Kurtis Gefrom

Poem: Another Peak

I’ve made this

Trek before. Here I am

At the bottom, looking up.

The last time, I was 

At the peak for some time. 

I took all of it

in, thinking that

I’d never come down

From that mountain top.

I’m still healing from

falling and sliding back down.

Knowing things could have been

different, makes the healing harder.

Moving upward, isn’t as easy

as the last.

Still sore and broken

From the weight of my path.

I guess that I’ll take it

one step at a time. 

I know at this pace,

I’ll reach another peak.

It’s not a matter

of if, but when.


When You Go Down That Road

When you go down that road,

You let it all pass,

As the adventure back there,

Becomes a memory that’ll last.

We Know Who We Are

We know who we are.

We know we are united.

No radical or communist mind

Can steal our liberty.

You see even when 

We see destruction in the homeland,

It doesn’t change what we have defeated before 

and what we will overcome again.

Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers 

and fellow Americans,

We know who we are.

United and together we stand. 


The time has come.

The bell has rung.

The winds roar from the sea.

Knowing not what’s next

May have most on edge,

But I feel free.

So the sails were set 

The ship fully loaded

away I would be.

Knowing not of my return

or what a month would yearn

I was ready to flee.

I’m sure later on

When I look on back 

At the choice in front of me,

I would agree.

I needed to flee.

When The Tides Change

What debt to pay,

When the tides change.

Find higher ground or swim the current.

Standing still can only last so long.
Will you see more time,

When you delay your errands to tomorrow?

Better try to dig yourself out

From the hole of your past.
What joy to lack,

In doing the tasks of a mule.

When push comes to shove, 

Choose your passion with stability.

For the denial of settling

Is the action of change. 

Are You Gunna Be Free?

Are you gunna be free?

Or the bird in a cage when 

You know you’re meant to be

Living on a nest in a tree.

Are gunna stay there?

When the seasons rotate

into reasons to care for

warmth of your sanity’s welfare.

Or will you flee?

The winter had you thinking;

There’s more outside the tree,

The Oceans, mountains and valleys.

Oh, The sights you have to see.

Are you gunna be free?



…when the opportunity is fresh.

Every road 

has its own splits and bends,

Which accounts

for endless possible destinations.

Driving ahead now,

will get you somewhere great even sooner.

Time Slips Away

Times Slips Away



Make the most

Of every moment

To make it 


Find Me

Find me, my satisfaction

When all is said and done.

Find me, my adventure 

When I head out for what’s next.

Find me, out there, somewhere

Where I keep chasing the sun.

Find me.

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